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We’d very much like to introduce ourselves: Jozef and Steven, founders of Festicup, both entrepreneurs experienced in the hospitality, event and printing industry. We met each other in Leuven, at the ‘Oude Markt’, the place to be for students, also nicknamed the longest bar of Europe. Corporate social responsibility is crucial to both of us and thus became the foundation of Festicup.


The origins of Festicup

Each year we consume humongous amounts of disposable plastic cups, and we act about it like it’s no biggie. The plastic material these cups are made of, has been manufactured to last some hundred years or so, yet we dispose of them instantaneously. And to add to the matter, for many of us leaving our empty cup on the floor seems like the normal thing to do. And so in no time lush green festival grounds are transformed into oceans of plastic. Now tell us, what’s normal about that?

That being said, the customer experience remains a vital focuspoint we certainly don’t want to neglect. An ice cold beer or a delicious cocktail served in a thin, fragile cup? Not for us thank you! Festicup wants you to have that same unique drinking experience you have in a bar on those moments where glass isn’t permitted. The reusable cups we offer can barely be distinguished from real glass. And for every kind of drink we have a suitable type of cup, or shall we say artificial glass.


Manufacturer no, provider of services yes

We scoured the European market to find the highest quality amongst all plastic cups and put together a varied array to offer you. Why reinvent something if good quality products already exist?

Festicup offers you the possibility to buy, rent or customize reusable cups. But wait, there’s more. We also offer you different types of mobile washing solutions which guarantee a most efficient use of your reusable cups during your event.

Besides that, we also run a cleaning center where you can have your cups washed and dried so they can be hygienically stored until your next event.


Corporate social responsibility

We at Festicup consider corporate social responsibility as an opportunity, rather than a risk or an obligation. Thanks to our reusable cups we have a huge impact on the environment. Even more so, we deliberately choose to work with cups that last up to 10 times longer than those of some of our competitors on the market.

Furthermore, our cleaning center uses the most innovative and sustainable techniques and is run by Amab vzw, a social enterprise for customized work. Thanks to this collaboration we offer a full time employment to 15 people who are not able to work in a normal working environment. This way we also have a socio-economic impact on top of our environmental impact.


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