Cup it clean – a social economic cleaningcenter

Cup it clean originates from a partnership between AMAB & Festicup.

​We crossed paths in the beginning of 2019 and found common ground in their commitment to sustainability and social economic work. Both companies are committed to sustainability & Cup it clean constantly strives to offer you the most responsible cleaning service.

AMAB vzw is a social economic company with more than 800 people working together as one motivated team and operates 3 facilities near Brussels (Asse, Halle and Zaventem). Due to a ban on the use of disposable cups, AMAB decided to invest in sustainability and they installed the first fully automated and most energy-efficient washing solution for reusable cups at their location in Asse.

​Together we join forces and bring you CUP IT CLEAN.
A social economic and sustainable solution to clean & dry your reusable cups.

Using state-of the art technologies, we are the sole market player able to guarantee 100% dry and clean cups. Located at the heart of Belgium, we have a wide reach to provide a social-economic service causing less/smaller transportation flows


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