Is it responsible to use reusable festival cups in times where COVID-19 seemingly dominates the world? The sense and nonsense of hygiene and festival cups.

Responsible business practices

Throwing away goods and packaging and buying them again seems to be completely outdated. Being green and corporate responsibility has become more and more established in recent years. At Festicup we can only applaud to this zero-waste movement. We believe in a circular economy. Reusable over disposable. Responsibility over laziness. Vision over shortsightedness. Enter our Festicup cups. No more plastic battlefield at the festival area after the festival summer. Festicup provides sustainable and reusable quality cups for events and festivals.

And then the pandemic begins ...


We have to be honest… With the current Corona situation in mind, it’s normal to question the concept of reusability. Is it still safe to reuse drinking cups?

Disposable cups are indeed just used once, so you don’t drink from someone else’s cup. The question, however, is which route this cup has traveled and how many times the cup is touched by different hands form factory to festival?

What is clean?

Once the packaging has been unsealed, the taps open and the cups are presented to the unsuspecting festival-goers. "Everything in plastic is clean," says our gut feeling. However, packaging is not sterile. The only difference between this disposable cup and the reusable cup is the foundation of this whole conversation.

Reusable cups are cleaned. Strict Belgian and European standards have been imposed for these professional cleanings, which we adhere strictly to at Festicup. For example, we use hot and drinkable water for our cleaning solutions as well as suitable detergents. We also attach great importance to a clean workspace and a good personal hygiene. Our mobile washing solutions are fully deployed to assure a professional cleaning at the festival site.

Cup it clean

What about the duration of this pandemic? Let us hope that this will soon be over and that we will come out stronger together. With stronger, we also insinuate to continue to persist on other issues. Climate change, environmental contamination and plastic pollution are things that now briefly disappear into the background, but are therefore not less present, today and in the future.

Be responsible and let’s cup it clean!

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